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Frequently asked questions

  • What will a training session look like now?

Each session is 1 hour in length.

Group warm-up starts at 5 after to give a buffer for traffic or kids etc. where we'll get your body feeling and moving good and prepared for the movements we're going to train on that day.


Then we'll move into our resistance training section together where exercises will be individualized to the person and exercises will be assigned to specific areas in the gym. Everyone will have the same amount of time in this section but you may move through this section at a pace that is appropriate for you, meaning you may do more or less sets than someone else. This is where we'll build strength and muscle that will help us perform and move better and ramp up our metabolism.

We'll finish by burning some calories in a Metabolic Conditioning Circuit that will use a combination of bikes, sled, ropes, and other exercises/movements to get your heart rate up and send you off sweaty! If you're not feeling the circuit on any given day you'll also have the option to use "Free Time" instead to work on whatever is most important to you. Maybe it's some more arm or ab work, some mobility to loosen you up, or you want to try to dial in the technique on an exercise. It's YOUR time!


  • Does this mean everyone is doing the exact same thing?

Nope. We’re just organizing our programs to make our sessions more efficient, effective and fun! Teambuildr calendars will be updated with an entire phase of training (4-5 weeks) but you'll have the ability to swap out exercises within a movement category. I.e. It might say "Trap Bar Deadlift" in Teambuildr but you can elect to swap that for Barbell RDL, which might be a more appropriate exercise for you. Every section of the session can be individualized to a members needs.

  • What happens if I have to train back-to-back?


We checked our attendance history to see how often this happens now and it’s pretty rare. This would only present challenges if you trained Monday & Tuesday OR Wednesday & Thursday. In the rare instance it happens just remind us when you arrive for your session and we’ll make it work!


  • How will I know where to do an exercise?


The barn will be split into 3 main areas: Rubber; (including the racks), long turf, and short turf. We’ll let you know where to do each exercise!

  • Can I still come in early to warm-up?

You're welcome to show up to your session a few minutes in advance to get ready, however just be aware sessions will be finishing with a metabolic circuit that uses most of the barn. In order to keep everyone on the same schedule our coach-led group warm-up will begin at 5 minutes after the hour!

  • What happens if I'm late?

Get your butt changed and join us wherever we're at in the warm-up!


  • Are we still using Teambuildr?


Yes. You get to decide how much you use it. We still encourage you to use it for tracking exercises and loads, in particular if that's really important to you. If you would prefer to go with the flow and spend less time on your phone, we’ll let you know everything you need to do that day.


  • How often will programs refresh?

Depending on the phase, everyone's programs will refresh at the same time every 4-5 weeks.

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