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Small Group Personal Training
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Small Group Personal Training

Fitborough’s main program offering is small group personal training, a system where members train with up to 5 other people at one time. Each client is assessed individually and an individualized program is created for their specific needs, goals, abilities and likes. A certified coach is there to assist you through your workout, but their time is shared by the group. 


The goal with this model is to offer a more economical version of personal training, while training in a group setting to encourage community amongst our members and empowering each other to get after it every day. It also offers more flexibility in your training schedules, with multiple session options to choose from throughout the week.


This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always be training with the same crew or that you need to recruit others to join you (though we encourage this!), just that you’ll be sharing your session with up to 5 others, depending on how many people choose to attend the same sessions.


Athletic Development

Coach Josh has spent the past 10+ years helping prepare athletes of all ages to participate safely and excel in a variety of sports. Throughout this time he has developed a holistic system of athletic development that considers the unique needs of each individual in. Through developmentally appropriate programming our Athletic Development includes instruction in efficient movement training, speed development (linear, lateral, multi-directional), agility & change of direction, explosive power, mobility & flexibility, strength training, injury reduction & rehab strategies and energy system development (conditioning). Training is progressed as athletes master the movement patterns and challenges of each phase. 


Training is available for both Youth (12-16) & Collegiate Aged (17+) athletes.



We address all aspects of Speed Development. Linear Acceleration & Max Velocity, Deceleration, Multi-Directional Movement Patterns, Change of Direction & Agility


Explosive Power
Develop your explosiveness through a variety of methods that could include jump training, medicine ball work, Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Med Ball Training, Jumping & Landing Techniques


Total Body Functional Approach focused on proper technique and progressions.


Develop your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems to enhance performance and boost recovery for any sport.



Self Myofascial Release (foam rolling etc.) and mobility/flexibility drills to ensure you're moving efficiently!



Address imbalances in posture & position that limit mobility, reduce performance, and contribute to injury risk.


Nutrition Coaching

Have you struggled with weight loss, muscle gain or other body composition goals? Tried a million diets with no success?


Nutrition plays a significant role in how we look, and how we feel. The reality of healthy eating is that we need to tap into our behavioural psychology and work towards creating new healthy habits that support our lifestyle goals. Fad diets, strict meal plans and gimmicks don’t work because they aren’t sustainable and don’t address WHY we eat a certain way. Coach Josh is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and has helped many reimagine their relationship with food to achieve their body composition and lifestyle goals. 


1-ON-1 Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training may be a more suitable option for those people looking for a more personalized approach, a quieter training environment, or perhaps requiring closer attention due to injury or otherwise.


Each Personal Training client is taken through a comprehensive assessment with Coach Josh to discuss your health and injury history, goals, and to set a baseline with a full-body movement screen. Using this information you’ll receive a custom, personalized program and be coached and supported through it in a 1-on-1 setting allowing for day-to-day modifications and changes as necessary. 

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