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Fitborough helps busy, everyday people find strength & empowerment through sustainable, fun and intelligent exercise.


Contact us to get a jump on your fitness journey.

Fitborough’s mission is to fortify our community by empowering individuals to discover the best version of themselves through fitness. 



PErson first

To us this means we’re going to meet you where you’re at. Fitness means different things to different people and we will use an individualized approach to ensure everyone is appropriately challenged and supported.


We are fiercely local, supporting and promoting other small businesses in the area, and being active in the community. We also want to foster community within our facility with members supporting and encouraging each other to achieve their goals.


We believe in the concept of Kaizen, or continuous improvement. We’re always working to better ourselves so we’re able to deliver the best possible experience to our members. We endeavour to also help guide our members through their own personal growth.


We want our work and involvement in our communities to leave a lasting impact. By becoming fitter, happier and becoming the best version of yourself you prepare yourself to be in the best position possible to help others that count on you. Your family, friends, community.  In other words, we want to plant trees for whose shade we will never know.


Andrew D’Agostini

Toronto Marlies (AHL), Guelph Gryphons (USPORTS)

Along with his excellence in strength coaching and mentorship, Josh Ford is a great friend and a great leader. When I joined the University of Guelph Men’s Hockey program, Josh’s friendship allowed for a smooth transition, while his in-season strength program played an important role in our league championship. Josh’s dedication to meeting the needs of his athletes allowed me to capitalize on my opportunity to break through to the professional level. Fitborough will serve as an amazing environment for camaraderie and personal growth.

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