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HEY Fitborough family!


A hold pauses payments and session usage while you’re away and when you return your payments will be the same amount, frequency, and the number of sessions on your membership won't change. 

Please note that by putting your membership on hold we will cancel any sessions you have already booked in the future. If you are thinking of putting your membership on hold for only a few weeks, consider not doing a hold and come for extra sessions before you leave and when you return so you can keep your usual times This way you can set yourself up for some time off and get back into the swing of things quickly.

Here's some key info for you to know. Please read this before filling out the hold form below.

  • Required Notice: We need 7 days notice from the day you submit this hold form to the start of your hold and you can submit a hold form as far in advance as you like.

  • Length of Hold: Holds can be anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks. If you are away for less than 2 weeks, simply reschedule the sessions you’d miss before or after you are away - we can help if you need a hand! If you need a hold to last longer than 12 weeks you can either pay $10+HST per week beyond 12 weeks, or use a second hold if you have one (see below).

  • Number of Holds: All memberships get 2 complimentary holds per calendar year. Additional holds are $10+HST/wk paid at the start of the hold.

  • Getting Back At It: When you put your membership on hold we will automatically cancel any of your pre-booked sessions starting at the start of your hold, and when you return we cannot guarantee the same times you usually book will be available. Remember you won't be able to book sessions in the PushPress Members app until your membership is active again.

  • Hold Extensions and Changes: If you want to make any changes to a hold, including extending a hold, we need 1 week (7 days) notice for the change and be done either with another complimentary hold or paying $10+HST per week in advance.

  • Medical Holds: Medical holds are always complimentary and only require 3 business days notice when you provide a medical note detailing the medical necessity of your hold. You may also elect to use one of your complimentary holds (see above) without providing a medical note.

  • QUESTIONS? Email!

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